'No problem'

Carlo Ancelotti has admitted that it wouldn’t be a problem for him if Chelsea sacked him at the end of the season, after a season in which the Blues have largely disappointed.

Many now believe that the Italian will be booted out of the club after what will be only Chelsea’s third trophy-less season, and it looks as though he will be heading for Roma, the team with which he had some of his best years, specifically the 1983 Scudetto. However he doesn’t appeared too bothered by the notion of being sacked, probably because the club will have to pay out on yet another contract for a fired manager.

‘I don't know what my future is,’ he said. ‘At the end of the season, I think the club can decide if they want me to continue or if they want to change. If they are not happy, they can change without problem. This is not a problem for me.

‘Last year is the past. Everyone was happy to win the Double last year but this is the past. Obviously, this season was not a good season for us but now we have seven games.

‘To speak now about which kind of change the club wants to do for next season about a new transfer or my future is not the right time. Every one of us has to try to do the best for the left seven games. After that, in the summer, we can speak about this. But to speak now is not the right time.’

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