No number 1 in the year?

Well done, London’s fifth team (1 = West Ham, 2 = Leyton Orient, 3 = Wimbledon, 4 = QPR) – Spurs have won a cup. And without doing it when the year ends in 1 – not bad!

It was a bit strange having Premier League games on at the same time, though. We were tempted to watch the Blackburn game (more glamour) rather than watch Avram Grant’s All-Star Circus versus Tottenham in the Two-Bob Leyland DAF Trophy (or whatever it’s now called).

We succumbed in the end, though. It’s a final, right? Gotta watch a final. It was nice to see Jonathan Woodgate smiling for a change, even if he did miss the header (it was a sitter) only for it to ricochet in off his bonce from the clearance. It was a goal, right? And the winner too.

So Chelsea lost, Wales won and so did the Hammers. Perfect weekend of sport, really…

(Image: from YouTube)

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