No new investment

Liverpool Football Club have denied that they have been in contact with two billionaire Indian businessmen who were linked with buying 51% of the club earlier today.

The Times suggested that Mukesh Ambani and Subrata Roy had spoken to Liverpool about a controlling share in the club, clearing their £237million debt in the process, but the club and both men deny that they’re involved in any deal or have even made contact. ‘There is no truth to the report. We deny it completely,’ said Sudeep Purkayastha, from Reliance Industries, where Ambani is chairman. Tushar Pania, also from Reliance, added: ‘It's not true. Nothing in it all. Totally untrue.’

Ambani is thought to have a personal fortune of over $20billion and is India’s richest man. As well as being chairman of Reliance he also owns the Mumbai Indians cricket team. Roy is chairman of the Sahara Group, which sponsors the Indian cricket national team, and also a billionaire.

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