No mercy

Tottenham Hotspur take on Real Madrid tonight at White Hart Lane, safe in the knowledge that no-one expects them to overturn the four goal deficit they suffered in the first leg at the Bernabeau. However they could do themselves proud by at least halving the deficit, and not conceding heart-breaking away goal.

José Mourinho is not in charitable mood this evening though, and says that his Madrid side will be looking for a goal to kill the tie off and end all this mental talk of a magical fight back. No doubt Arsenal and Chelsea fans will be hoping for a quick, clean and clinical battering of the Lilywhites – Mourinho-style.

‘Football can betray you (and I) know the mentality of English stadiums, English supporters and English teams,’ Mourinho said. ‘If I put myself in Harry's position I would do everything with my players to try the miracle.

‘We have to respect opponents, we have to play seriously. But at the same time I don't think five goals is enough for Tottenham to beat us because I think we come here to score goals.

‘We are very proud of our unbeaten record in the Champions League: so far we've played nine games, we've won seven and drawn two. We are better to maintain that unbeaten record so that this carries on for next season as the better results we get can guarantee, if we (qualify) for the Champions League, that we are seeded.’

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