No loan deal for Tevez says Mancini

Previously, on The Carlos Tevez Saga... The temperamental Argentinian forward, unable to face a future in the Premier League, an ocean away from his family, and unable to be reconciled to the tetchy Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, has agitated for a move, preferably to Italy. Italy is no nearer to South America than Manchester is, but logical consistency has never been a crucial ingredient in Tevez’s gripes.

Now Mancini has ruled out a loan move for the Argentinian, suggesting that City owners have decided it’s about time they actually put some figures on the positive side of the transfer ledger.

That’s bad news for some clubs in those parts of Europe that can barely muster a couple of euro coins to rub together. The sound of Mancini ruling out a loan deal might be quickly followed by the sound of interested clubs, including Milan, Juventus and Paris St. Germain, scurrying for the exits.

Milan have already admitted that they haven’t got the cash to pay for Tevez, not to mention his massive wages. Tevez is at home in Argentina, awaiting developments and hoping to be playing again in January.

"We want Carlos to come back and play football," said Mancini, “and the best solution for us is to sell him. We can't let him leave on loan. When Manchester City buy a player, they have to pay a lot of money. But when we want to sell them, they have to go on loan. This is not good.”

This saga may run and run.

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