No knights in shining armour

The campaign against the Glazer ownership of Manchester United has been something that so far, seems not to have bothered the American owners of the club very much at all. In fact, there were reports that one of the brothers was laughing at the protests at the Milan game.

However, The Red Knights (a daft name for a group of investors if ever there was one) have recently looked like the surest bet to take over the club, especially given how daft the sums involved are (thanks to the Glazers’ loading of a huge debt onto the club), and with the help of the Manchester United Supporters Trust they were hoping to put the club on a more even keel and get the fans involved.

The latest news to come from these would-be saviours in the night is that they won’t be planning any takeover bid before the end of the season.

‘We will continue to work on it but do not expect it to be done before the end of the season', said the group in a statement. 'The Red Knights have been liaising with the Manchester United Supporters Trust, and their representatives were at our first meeting on the 2nd of March. They remain closely involved with our plans.

‘On the 12th of March we involved Nomura as our adviser. Since then they have been speaking to and meeting many potential Red Knights who have contacted us since our interest was made public.

‘These potential Red Knights have offered ideas and support and, with the help of this input, our plans have been developed further.’

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