No joke

Wladimir Klischko and David Haye have a lot of bad blood between them: ever since a fight between the pair was first rumoured they have been talking trash about each other, although it's often been the case that the Ukrainian responds to an outrageous and inflammatory statement that Haye makes.

It's much the same this time round, with Haye spouting off about executing Klitschko, and using some dark imagery in the process. He said that the weekend's fight is 'going to be the most brutal execution of a boxer that you've seen for many, many years. I'm going to go out there and absolutely destroy him, really quickly', something that Klischko found distasteful, given the number of people who have been handicapped while fighting.

'This game, this sport, is very intense and unfortunately there have been a lot of cases where people have been handicapped and people have died during and after fights,' said Klitschko. 'It's not something to joke about.'

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