No Fascists please, we're British

Paolo Di Canio has something of a spotty reputation in the United Kingdom: as a player he was universally admired for his battling attitude, his sublime skill and his sense of fair play (something you don’t associate with Italians very often, let’s be honest.). However there was always that little fascist thing hanging over his head: you know, his support of Benito Mussolini as ‘basically a very principled, ethical individual’, and doing the Fascist salute with Lazio fans.

So it’s easy to understand why the GMB, a leading trade union, have decided to pull their sponsorship of Swindon Town, which was worth about £4,000 to the club. They strongly disapprove of a Fascist taking the reins at the League Two club, who announced that Di Canio would get them playing with ‘passion, pride and professionalism’. Well, Benny did get the trains working on time, didn’t he?

‘Our local branch has decided to end its association with Swindon following the appointment of Paolo Di Canio,’ said a GMB spokesman. ‘He has openly voiced support for [Benito] Mussolini so it beggars belief that Swindon could have appointed him, especially given the multi-ethnic nature of the team and the town.’

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