No easy task

Frank Lampard has said that Chelsea fans should forget about Liverpool doing them a favour this weekend, and realise that the Blues will have to be at their best if they want to win on Sunday. If Chelsea win at Anfield on Sunday afternoon they will be odds-on favourites to win the title, as they will go into the final day of the season at least one point clear and with Wigan ‘nothing-to-play-for’ Athletic standing in their way at Stamford Bridge, and the England midfielder has warned fans not to expect an easy ride.

‘There is no chance that 11 Liverpool players could go out thinking about Manchester United winning the championship on the back of what happens in that game,’ he said. ‘They will go out to win the game. Their manager's professional, their players are professional. There's no way they will think about anything other than winning the game, regardless of whether it gets them into the Champions League next year or not. Even if they were out of it, they'd give everything. There's no doubt about that.

‘It's a difficult game for us, but there's no point worrying about it. We are all aware what is at stake. Playing at Anfield is difficult at any stage of the season – we know what's coming, and we know what's there for us. We just have to try and win the match. It's quite a simple formula for us – win two games and we win the league. If we don't then we might have to rely on goal difference, depending on the Manchester United result. But if we don't turn up and start slowly, or don't play with the intensity that we did against Stoke, then we will lose at Anfield. It's as simple as that.’

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