'No chance' Arsene Wenger will quit Arsenal

The pressure on Arsene Wenger is really starting to build: the Gunners lost 2-0 at home to Liverpool yesterday, and now he's having to field questions from the press about him quitting. It should be unthinkable given what Arsenal have achieved under his stewardship, but their recent form has made his position less than secure.

What's made matters worse is the fact that Arsenal seem like they've got no interest in spending any money to improve the team, meaning that they're going to be stuck with the same rudderless midfield until at least Christmas. However Wenger insists that there is no chance of him quitting – so that's the end of that

'There is no chance of that happening, I like to keep a sense of perspective,' Wenger said. 'It is still the start of the season and we have had a couple of disappointing results, that's all. I don't feel under any more pressure than usual. We have an important week coming up and this is a time to stick together.'

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