Niki Lauda believes only God can save Michael Schumacher

Three-time F1 world champion Niki Lauda has said that only God can save Michael Schumacher now and added his voice to the chorus of support that the seven-time world champion has been receiving from around the F1 paddock. Lauda, who escaped from an horrific fiery accident that was depicted in last year’s film Rush, knows more than most ex-drivers about the situation Schumacher’s family find themselves in.

Schumacher’s listed as “critical but stable” after his accident which some reporters are claiming happened at speeds of around 60mph. The 64-year old Austrian admitted that he is praying and said: “I pray to God that it will all end well, but sadly it doesn’t seem that way at the moment." He added “I believe there is someone up there trying to help in this situation. He decides things we cannot understand. I find it completely shocking and unexplainable why this great driver, who won seven championships in over 300 races and stayed alive, could have something like this happen to him.”

Michael Schumacher turns 45 on Friday. There’s very little chance that his condition will have improved enough by then for him to be taken out of the coma the doctors have him under at this time. He has had two operations to remove blood clots which have eased swelling around the brain and work continues. The father of two remains at the University Hospital in Grenoble with his family at his side. A ceramic amulet that his wife Corinna brought him in 1995 remains at his bedside. The ex-F1 driver’s aid said: “The family is with him, they are backing him, they are trying to support him, being by his side.”

Along with Lauda, other members of the F1 paddock to have sent their best wishes include current world champion Sebastian Vettel who said: “He’s like a father for me, I can’t lose him. It’s the most important grand prix of your life.” One of Schumacher’s greatest racing rivals, Damon Hill sent also offered a message of support: “We are all praying for Michael’s speedy and full recovery and our thoughts are with Corinna and the children.”

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