Stay ahead of the pack in Nike running shoes

When the big athletics finals line up in the London Olympics stadium next summer, you won't be able to escape the swoosh. The world's coolest sports brand seems irresistible to anyone who can break 10 seconds for the 100 metres, and longer distance specialists alike. No wonder that so many humbler runners are seduced by the thought of a pair of Nike running shoes.

Nike (www.nike.com) has a wide range of running shoes for men and women. Choose carefully to find the best fit for your running style, distance and surface.

The Nike LunarGlide +3 is the latest result from the design team. This is the updated version of the popular distance running shoe. It offers arch support that wraps around the foot for a secure fit, and extra cushioning for springy comfort as you pound the miles. The upper features a mesh inner sleeve for breathability and support. These are £85 from the Nike store.

The Nike Lady Dart VIII running shoes have the swoosh in a nice girly pink, but they are serious shoes. You can tell by the generous use of sports shoe jargon. These have a Phylon midsole with natural motion engineering, for a smooth run. The rubber outsole has a waffle pattern for excellent traction and toughness. Amazon has them on offer at £29.95.

The Nikeid departments allow you to customize a shoe for your foot, and for your special requirements. If you are planning a distance running event, or want Nike running shoes that hug every contour of your feet, this might be the smart option.

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