Neymar accuses fans of racism

Neymar, the Brazil striker who scored two against Scotland this weekend, has accused football fans of racism, after a banana was removed from the pitch shortly before the end of the game.

Brazil won 2-0 at the Emirates stadium yesterday, thanks to Neymar’s brace, but his the victory and his performance were soured after the banana-throwing, which Lucas Leiva threw away from the pitch. It has been said that it was aimed at Neymar, despite coming from the end of the ground which housed the Brazil fans, and was mostly populated by South Americans.

‘I feel great and scored two but what happened with the banana is sad,’ he said. ‘I don't want to make a big deal of it. I was running down the touchline in the second half and saw it but I didn't see where it came from.

‘They were jeering me a lot, even when I was about to kick the penalty. The entire stadium was jeering. This atmosphere of racism is totally sad. We leave our country to play here and something like this happens. It's sad. I'd rather not even talk about it, to keep the subject from escalating.’

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