Newcastle – how things have changed

Poor old Kevin Keegan. It’s becoming painfully obvious to anyone who knows anything about football that he’s not making the impact everyone hoped he would at Newcastle. A draw at fellow relegation candidates Birmingham is now seen by most in black and white as a good result!

And just to make matters worse, just as they enter a relegation dogfight, Newcastle find out their best player – ‘keeper Shay Given – is out for six weeks. It really is a dogfight, by the way. Be under no illusions, Newcy could be in the brown stuff if Sunderland, Bolton, Reading and Birmingham win their next game – and Newcastle were to lose theirs.

King Kev hailed Michael Owen as world-class for saving Newcastle face last night. But the truth is, even if he is back to his best, the team is not servicing him with enough quality balls – and he’s all on his own up there.

Could this be the season when the Toon go doon?

(Image: from YouTube)

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