New Capell-low

Poor Fabio Cappello is fast learning just how poisoned a chalice managing the England team is. While the run up to the World Cup was a dream sequence of wins, good publicity and high hopes, the past two months must surely have caused the Italian a few sleepless nights.

Fabio's clumsy handling of Beck's retirement - announcing live on-air that Becks was 'too old' for the team, and then admitting that he'd forgotten to inform the player of this fairly important decision - is only the latest in a long line of blunders, according to the Daily Mail.

Numero Uno in the gaffe index was failing to turn up to the Under 19s matches - seen as vital opportunities for England managers to pick future stars. Next was Capello announcing the inclusion of Paul Robinson and Wes Brown in the post World Cup squad, only for the pair to announce 'thanks but no thanks', as they'd er, actually decided to retire. Capello also tried to bring back Paul Scholes into the England fold, but the player turned down the opportunity, saying he hadn't been given enough time to consider the offer.

One linking theme that runs through the sequence of gaffes is mis-communication. Surely after the latest, and most significant blunder, Capello will be forced to reassess his approach. Fingers crossed...

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