Neville's a boot licker

Carlos Tevez has amusingly let rip at his former Manchester United teammate Gary Neville, accusing him of being little more than Alex Ferguson’s lickspittle. Tevez, who scored both goals in Manchester City’s 2-1 win over United in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi final on Tuesday, ran over to taunt Neville after scoring, and he has since given his reasons why.

‘My celebration was directed at Gary Neville,’ send the Argentine international, who was speaking in a radio interview with ESPN Argentina. ‘He acted like a complete boot-licker when he said I wasn't worth £25m, just to suck up to the manager. I don't know what the hell that idiot is talking about me for. I never said anything about him.

‘I will never show a lack of respect towards anyone. Just as I was running off to celebrate the penalty I had scored, I came across Gary and I said to myself: ‘Shut your trap, keep quiet.’ I didn't go overboard in my celebration and it was directed at Gary, not at Ferguson and not at the fans. I think he did the wrong thing because I was his team-mate and I never said anything bad about him. He was saying that Ferguson was right when he said that I wasn't worth £25m, when he was saying this and that ... I always respected Neville.

‘I was at lunch with the players in the team hotel and all the papers were laid out. I read them – well, 'read them', obviously I don't read (Tevez has been here nearly four years and can’t yet read simple tabloid English).

‘My team-mates were asking what I thought. And I wondered to myself: what's the moron talking about me for when I never said anything about him, when there was never any issue with us. It was a lack of respect for a fellow ¬footballer, aside of the fact that we had won a lot of things together.’

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