Nepotism? No way!

Manchester United’s defensive injury crisis has become so bad that Alex Ferguson has had to call upon the relatives of board members to pad out his ailing squad, with chief executive David Gill’s son Oliver looking set to start at centre-back against Wolfsburg in tonight’s Champions League clash in Germany.

It’s not a case of worrying nepotism at United however; junior Gill has come through the academy at Old Trafford, and is on the list of 25 players that United gave to Uefa before the start of the Champions League. With 12 players out, including Nemanja Vidic (flu), Rio Ferdinand (calf), Wes Brown (hamstring), Gary Neville (groin), Rafael (shoulder) and Fabio da Silva (groin), it looks like it might be necessary too.

‘It doesn't concern me. If he is good enough, he plays,’ stated Ferguson. ‘That is the name of the game at Manchester United. I had my own son (Darren Ferguson) in the squad for four or five years and he was treated exactly the same as any other member of the squad. It will be the same for Oliver.

‘He's decided to take the big step forward and give it a go at professional full-time football,’ added Ferguson. ‘We admire him for that. Over the last year or so he's started to develop physically. He was very rakish and gangly when he was growing and lacked strength but now he's starting to come together in terms of his physique and has done well. It's also because of the injuries we have but he's doing very well.’

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