Neil Lennon 'disheartened and confused'

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has said that Neil Lennon has been left 'disheartened and confused' after a Scottish court gave a 'not proven' verdict to a man accused of assaulting him.

Lennon, the Celtic manager, was attacked at his club's game away at Hearts in May last season, when a fan entered the pitch and tried to land a punch on his head. The man, John Wilson, was up in front of an Edinburgh court on a charge of assault aggravated by religious prejudice, but the court failed to convict. However Wilson was found guilty of breach of the peace.

'I think most people are baffled and find it difficult to comprehend,' Lawwell said of the verdict. 'I also think there is a human issue there for us to think about because Neil Lennon has been left pretty disheartened and confused.

'In terms of Neil, we will have to help rebuild him after another body blow. I think Neil, like all of us, is confused as to how this (the verdict) could happen.'

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