Neil Lennon attacked

Neil Lennon was attacked by a fan as his Celtic team won 3-0 at Tynecastle last night, prompting more fears for the safety of him and his family.

The fan, who came from the Hearts section, although he was not wearing the colours of the home team, clambered out of the stand behind Lennon, then charged along the touchline before trying to land a blow on the Celtic manager. Luckily he wasn’t carrying a knife or any other weapon, as it was all too for the man to reach him, even if he failed even in his attempt to land a blow on him.

Lennon has had to deal with loyalist bigots for the past decade, ever since he was pressured to retire from playing for Northern Ireland by a loyalist death threat. Recently he has had to deal with parcel bombs being mailed to him, and he has even had a bullet sent to him in the post.

‘Clearly this kind of behaviour from supporters is wholly unacceptable,’ said Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan. ‘The safety of players, club officials and match officials is paramount on or around the field of play, and this clear breach of security is a matter I will be discussing with SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster tomorrow.’

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