Nazi-o revert to type

If you follow football outside of the Premier League, you probably already know that Lazio have an awful lot of fascist supporters. They didn’t garner the nickname Nazio for nothing, although if you explained that pun to then they’d probably enjoy it rather a lot.

Anyway, they recently signed Eyal Golasa, a 29-year-old creative midfielder from Maccabi Haifa, and you’d think that given their perilous vicinity to relegation to Serie B they be extremely happy to have some reinforcements show up to help their ailing side. There’s just one problem: he’s Jewish.

Facebook groups have already sprung up saying that he shouldn’t play for the club, while many of them have made some sort of spurious connection to the fight of the Palestinians against the Israeli state with their latent anti-Semitism, presumably while singing fascist songs and bringing Celtic crosses to games. However, the chances are he will play, and he does at least have some backers.

‘We are ready to defend him against all of them and with all of our force,’ said Vittorio Pavoncello, president of the Italian Maccabi Federation. ‘Lotito (Claudio, Lazio president) is very close to the Jewish community, and even if there is a little of bit fear, we need to underline the good work so far done by the new Lazio leadership.’

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