Nadal wins seventh French Open

Rafael Nadal won his seventh French Open title, confirming that the Spanish player is virtually unbeatable on the Roland Garros surface. Novak Djokovic’s ambition of being the holder of all four grand slam titles at the same time must wait.

The match resumed on the Monday morning in Paris after bad weather prevented a Sunday finish. The interruption seemed to affect Djokovic more. The hiatus arrived just when he was looking capable of pushing Nadal to five sets. Despite holding a break advantage in the fourth set, he was unable to keep up the pressure, and Nadal took the match 6-4, 6-3, 2-6, 7-5.

"This tournament is, for me, the most special tournament of the world," Nadal said, unsurprisingly since it has given him seven of his eleven grand slam titles. "It was a very difficult match against the best player in the world," Nadal added. "I lost three grand slam finals: Wimbledon, the US Open last year and the Australian Open this year. I'm very happy, very emotional."

The win confirmed that Nadal still has every intention of continuing to challenge Djokovic for world domination, with this pair now opening up clear ground between themselves and Roger Federer and Andy Murray. The Serb was disappointed, and admitted that he had started weakly after the weather interruption.

"It's unfortunate because I was playing better, feeling better on the court in the third set yesterday," he said. "Today he started strong, I started slower. I was a little bit unfortunate in that first game and things turned around."

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