Nadal shock at Wimbledon

The men’s draw at Wimbledon opened up a little for Andy Murray with the shock defeat of world number two Rafael Nadal. The Spanish player lost an epic five set second round match against the Czech Lukas Rosol, ranked 100 in the world.

To say it was a shock result was an understatement. Nadal had not lost at this stage in a major tournament for seven years. Rosol had only won 18 matches on the mens’ tour, and had never got past the qualifiers at Wimbledon.

Rosol matched and outplayed Nadal over five sets, never allowing any setback to deter him. "I'm not just surprised, it's a miracle for me," said Rosol. "He's a superstar and I'm very sorry for him, but I played unbelievably well. Before the match I was thinking to play just three good sets. But I know that Nadal is only human. Some matches he can turn up in not very good shape. I played my best match ever. It means so much for me. It never happened to me before.”

Nadal was a little ungracious in complaining about what he perceived as Rosol’s time-wasting, but admitted that Rosol played perfectly in the final set, playing without pressure. "That happens when you play against a player who is able to hit the ball very hard, hit the ball without thinking and feeling the pressure. At the end, when the opponent wants to play like he wanted to play in the fifth, you are in his hands, no? Everything was going right for him in the fifth."

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