'My players will be ready'

Alex Ferguson has said that Barcelona being installed as favourites for the Champions League final doesn’t make any difference to him, saying that his players will be ready to face what is probably the best club side ever to play the game.

The two teams will clash at Wembley on Saturday, with Barca clear favourites to win back the trophy they consider theirs. However United have been in sterling form for the last couple of months, and Ferguson clearly feels confident that his boys can do a number of the Catalan kings.

‘There is no advantage,’ said Ferguson. ‘It doesn't matter. We don't decide those things. I know my players will be ready.

‘We have played against Barcelona three times with Messi in the team, but there is always a solution to every good player. Hopefully we can find one on Saturday. They have other good players though, and so do we. That is why it is such an appealing game. I am sure Barcelona are aware of that.’

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