My best knock ever

Andrew Strauss has described his amazing performance in England’s dramatic World Cup draw with India as the ‘best one-day knock’ of his career.

The England captain put in a wonderful 158 to deny India what looked like a certain victory only hours before, taking the man-of-the-match award away from Sachin Tendulkar, who hit a massive 120. However both sides will be disappointed with the result, and especially England, who took their powerplay needing 59 runs from 48 balls while having eight wickets in hand.

‘Absolutely it was my best one-day knock, no doubt about it,’ said Strauss. ‘Given the importance of the game, the backdrop of playing India at home in a World Cup. It was certainly a knock that I was very proud of.

‘We got ourselves in a position where we just needed to have a good powerplay,’ Strauss said. ‘Unfortunately this one affected us in a pretty negative way and in the end we did well to scramble a tie out of it. Tim Bresnan in particular was outstanding. That was an incredible bowling performance (five for 48) from him in the end and we didn't get too distraught at India batting so well.’

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