Murray's Mum's in charge

Judy Murray has started work overseeing British women’s tennis. Andy’s mum, used to watching the top stars on the men’s tour, now has to attempt to find some potential amidst the inconsistent strugglers, under-achievers, no-hopers and chokers that have characterised British women players for the last two decades.

Not since the sepia-tinged days of Virginia Wade and Sue Barker has Britain produced a female player capable of making their presence felt on the women’s tour. It’s a tough ask for Murray to change that, but she has the determination to make a difference.

Part of her remit includes increasing the ambition in British players. Murray recalls a recent conversation with Elena Baltacha, one of Britain’s top women. "Elena won her first round and she said she was so relieved because she was back in the top 100," Murray recalled. "I said that's great but you've been there before. You know what it looks like. But what does the top 50 look like?"

Murray also believes it is important to get young kids enthusiastic about playing tennis, and show that it is fun before parents and coaches start putting too much stress on results at a young age. "I'm a big believer in developing skills in children at the right time," she said.

Andy Murray famously sidestepped the British coaching system on his way to achieving his current ranking of number 4 in the world. His Mum will hope to tweak the system sufficiently so that the best youngsters no longer have to head to Spain or Florida to improve their game.

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