Andy Murray looked to be on top of his game as he cruised past his latest opponent in the US Open. The Scot made short work of American Taylor Dent, taking him apart in straight sets 6-3, 6-2, 6-2, and was off the court after only 90 minutes.

It was the second time that Murray had played under the floodlights at Flushing Meadows, and he seems to enjoy it more and more each time he steps out there.

‘I love New York. I love these night time matches,’' he said. ‘Obviously, the crowd were here to support Taylor but I played really well.’

The key to Murray’s victory was his return of serve. Dent has a serve that touched 145mph last night, but he recorded only two aces during the match. It went a long way to denting (geddit?) his armour.

‘He doesn't miss. He really doesn't miss,’ Dent said after the match. ‘I don't think that I served, you know, great tonight, but I don't think I served poorly either. I think I served, you know, probably below average for me, but he made it look and feel like I served underhanded.’

‘I view the return as being as important as the serve,’ said Murray, whose practice clearly paid off. ‘Which is why I spend so much time practising it. I did well today.’

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