Murray would have won slams in my era says Agassi

Andy Murray just needs one thing to be sure of winning Grand Slam tournaments – a time-machine. That was the implication of Andre Agassi’s remarks to Radio 5 Live, when the American suggested that Murray would have won several major tournaments if he had been playing in another era.

Agassi was not back on the crystal meth, just indulging in a little idle speculation. "In any other generation he would have multiple slams and if he was in my generation I would have a lot less," he said. "I believe there is so much more he can accomplish in this game."

Agassi was acknowledging that Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer were significantly ahead of Murray, but believed the Scot could still challenge for major titles. "The top three have definitely established themselves as a cut above, but I do believe he has the ability to do it," Agassi said. "If he cares hard enough, he will find a way."

Agassi compared his own experiences at Wimbledon in 1992, when he hadn’t expected to win the title. "I knew playing Ivanisevic that I was going to have to do something special," he recalled, "and I assumed I was going to lose. I went out there and let my shots fly and it taught me how to win."

In response Murray reiterated his considerable respect for Agassi, and remembered that they had some detailed conversations about tennis in the past. “I’m really flattered by what he said," Murray said, "even if he’s wrong".

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