Murray: PR 0, career 1

Andy Murray’s decision not to play in the Davis Cup has done him no great favours from a PR point of view. But if you like the idea of a British Grand Slam winner in the near future, his ruthlessness is encouraging.

The world’s top two players, Federer and Nadal, are similarly unengaged with the Davis Cup. It seems that if you want to be a Slam winner, you have to put your own career ahead of your country.

Murray’s problem is that he seems to have given the impression he’d go to Argentina and then changed his mind. Whether he ever planned to go, or how big a problem the knee was, only he will ever know. But this was Britain’s first world group match for five years, and Murray and his team seem to have handled the whole business in such a way as to annoy everyone from the LTA to his own brother.

“It was only necessary to trawl around a few websites, including Murray's own, to realise the depth of annoyance, boiling over into downright anger in many instances,” blogs Guardian tennis correspondent Steve Bierley. For a supremely talented, intelligent, and generally personable young man, Murray has managed to get himself widely disliked (and not just over this issue)…”

True, but all that would be quickly forgotten if Murray wins a Slam. The fact that he doesn’t care who he upsets on the way will then be seen as the single-minded focus of a natural born winner.

Well, we can always hope, can’t we?

(Image: from YouTube)

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