Murray on the way to hero status

Andy Murray has been knocked out of the Australian Open in the first round, when he was looking in good form and in with a chance of a good run  – but by losing now, he might have kicked off his career as a British sports star in earnest.

Let’s look at the classic two-stage process:

1. He was “expected to do well” – in other words, as he progressed through the tournament it would become a nailed-on certainty that he would win the whole thing, and anything less would be a crushing disappointment. See also: Ricky Hatton , Lewis Hamilton ...

2. He “crashed out” at an early stage. Even though his opponent Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is no outsider – he’s ranked 38 in the world, and in a doomy coincidence was the last man to beat Tim Henman before Henman’s retirement – it still feels like a mugging for Murray because we were all expecting so much.

How about we all try and keep a level head about the lad’s chances? Until Wimbledon, of course…

(Image: from YouTube)

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