Murray on course for Aussie Open

Things are looking rosy for our tennis hopes this year. It seems bellicose Andy Murray has shrugged off his injury woes of last year and is back in form. Playing in the Okey-Kokey Open (or something like that) this week, he looked sharp, lean and aggressive.

And he won. Well, he won the fifth-place play-off. Against an unknown 18-year-old. Still, he won and that’s the main thing.

Wimbledon is but six months away and in this sort of form, according to tennis buffs in the broad sheets (oh, yes we read the big papers too, not just the red-tops), he could do really well this year.

So… You know it’s going to be mayhem on Murray Mound this summer. We’re thinking of going down to the All England club and getting in the queue now. Join us?

(Image: from YouTube)

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