Murray of the Day

The terrible departure of TV presenting legend Adrian ‘Voodoo’ Chiles hasn’t just rocked the BBC to its very core, it’s taken its toll on our beloved game of football too: who on earth can be trusted to take the place of the buddy Brummie’s podgy backside on the Match of the Day 2 sofa? Gabby Logan? Fat chance. Manish Bhasin? Dear God no.

Despite the fact that the king of TV football presenting – one James Richardson – remains out of work after ever since the collapse of Setanta, save for a twice-weekly Guardian podcast, the Beeb have snubbed the man made for the sort of light-hearted pre-working week football chat that keeps people from throwing themselves under a train track every Sunday night. Instead they have plumped for likeable Colin Murray, who despite being a Liverpool fan seems like a decent sort of chap, with the acceptable level of enthusiasm for the game. He’s no AC Jimbo, but then deep down he has to know that.

Murray is taking over Chiles’ post at the start of next season, but before that he’s going to be presenting a World Cup highlights show throughout the tournament, on BBC Two every night at 10pm. So if he’s rubbish we can hound him off the show, just in time for the next season. Hey, we pay our license fee, Auntie, don’t underestimate our power for Facebook campaigns.

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