Murray moans at US Open schedule

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It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine, to quote tennis fan PG Wodehouse. Andy Murray has lightened up considerably since winning the Olympics, US Open and Wimbledon, but he was not all smiles after beginning his defence of the US title.

Murray was miffed at having to play his first round match late in the evening on the third day of the tournament. Murray beat Michael Llodra comfortably, 6-2, 6-4, 6-3, but was clearly unimpressed by the US Open organisation.

"Playing at that time for your first round is not ideal," Murray said. "It's not whether it's me, it's anyone. Just because I won last year, it's nothing to do with that. It's just more for the guys that have to play this evening. You have guys that have two days off between matches."

Murray was also critical of the inconsistent messages being given to players. "We were told on Saturday, 'Would you like to play on Tuesday or Wednesday?' We said, 'Tuesday.' They then told us the next day, 'It's looking like it's going to be Wednesday.' Okay, cool. It was going be during the day on Wednesday. Yesterday we were told, 'It's looking like you're going to be playing in the evening.' Then we had to come back last night to practise under the lights. It just changes your preparation for the match."

Murray pointed out that it was tougher to play seven times in 13 days than 15 days. His next match pits him against the Argentinian Leonardo Mayer. "I think he's had quite a few injuries the last couple years and that's why he hasn't got much higher in the rankings," Murray said. "But he's very tough."

Especially if the administrators decide to start the match around midnight just to wind up Murray even further.

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