Murray 'feigned injury'

Andy Murray has been accused of feigning injury by Ernests Gulbis, who he faces later on today in the second round of Wimbledon.

The Latvian claims that Murray pretended to have injured his right thumb and neck and did it to put him off his game. 'He just broke my rhythm and I was not an experienced enough player to deal with that at the time,' he said. However Murray refused to rise to the bait.

'That's very disappointing to hear,' he said. 'I never once used any of the rules that certain players have used to try to gain an upper hand in a match or to slow my opponent down. Definitely when I played him at Queen's that was not the case. I didn't know there was a problem but I couldn't grip the racket the following day.

There are so many things in matches where guys take toilet breaks, injury time-outs, delay you sometimes when you are trying to serve and take a little bit longer between the points than they are meant to. It happens all the time.

'It's a form of cheating. It's bending the rules to gain an advantage. It's a bit like diving in football. It does go on and certain players do it and certain players don't. I'm one of the guys who doesn't do it.'

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