Mourinho rages at referee. Again

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Jose Mourinho claims to have mellowed since his last spell in English football, but there was little sign of it in Chelsea's most recent Premier League match. Mourinho was sent to the stand during the 4-1 win over Cardiff City, after having a falling-out with referee Anthony Taylor.

Taylor had an uncertain game, allowing Cardiff City players to get away with a lot of time-wasting, but also allowing Chelsea's equaliser after Samuel Eto'o had illegally robbed Cardiff goalkeeper David Marshall of the ball when the goalkeeper bounced it. Unsurprisingly, neither manager was impressed.

Mourinho was so incensed that he sent his assistant to field questions after the match. "José's very frustrated and that stems from the time-wasting of the opposition," Steve Holland said. "We mentioned it on several occasions to the fourth official but he didn't do anything about it. And then when Ivanovic had the ball in his hands for no more than two seconds the referee started pointing to his watch. So there is huge frustration and to be sent-off for showing that is harsh."

Cardiff manager Malky Mackay was equally angry. "I've got to be careful what I say because I'm not intending having money taken away from me," he said, maintaining Chelsea's equaliser should have been ruled out. "My goalkeeper bounced the ball, and they thought he had dropped the ball and said if he had bounced the ball that would have been a foul. So obviously that is a mistake."

After the equaliser Chelsea stepped up a gear and won comfortably. After a shaky start to the season, Mourinho's side appear to be hitting form, moving up into second place in the table behind leaders Arsenal. Manchester United continue to struggle, drawing 1-1 at home to Southampton after conceding a late equaliser.

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