Mourinho: "I want to 'kill' Chelsea" in the Champions League

The Special One is back. Jose Mourinho has broken his silence six months after leaving Chelsea. The tabloids and the broadsheets really seem to have missed the Iberian George Clooney's larger than life personality. From smuggling dogs through customs to hiding in laundry baskets, there never was a dull moment with old Jose.

While he talked about his love for English football, Mourinho's immediate future seems to lie in Italy or Spain, probably with with Internazionale, Milan Barcelona or Real Madrid. Speaking about Chelsea, Mourinho said he is still on good terms with the club's owner Roman Abramovich, but added that no love would be lost if he returns to Stamford bridge as the manager of an another team.

"Last week I spoke with people from the club," he said. "I was speaking with [the owner] Mr Abramovich and [the chief executive] Peter Kenyon because I still keep in touch. I was telling them that I wish them always good, wish them always to succeed, always to win, but I hope to play them in the Champions League and, if I play them next season, then I want to go there and kill them. That's my nature."

So here's hoping for a Mourinho led Euro giant against Chelsea in next year's Champions League!


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