Mourinho: I considered becoming England manager

Jose Mourinho has revealed that he considered becoming England manager and was also offered the Portugal job after Luiz Felipe Scolari decided to join Chelsea.

The former Porto and Chelsea boss said that he would have been honoured to become England coach, but missed the day to day side of managing a club team: 'In a certain moment I considered being England national manager, first of all because I was in love with the football country and with England,’ he told reporters.

Mourinho continued: 'But at the same time my passion for the day-by-day work, my passion to train every day, my desire to play every week and if possible more than one game a week, this is my life. That's the life I want to have.'

Would Jose have been a good England manager? We’ll never know, but the fact that Capello came to the job having never managed an English club side can only be a good thing, as no one can accuse him of being biased in favour of one team or another.

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