Mourinho gives Rooney 48 hours to make up his mind

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For once, most of the action at the Manchester United v Chelsea Premier League clash came off the pitch. The match finished in a dull 0-0 draw, but the politics around the Wayne Rooney situation was rather more interesting.

Rooney was cheered by the fans of both clubs during the match, with the Chelsea fans chanting that he would be in their team within a week. Manager Jose Mourinho was more circumspect, saying that the next move was up to Rooney, setting a Wednesday deadline for the player to make up his mind.

"The person that started the story has to finish the story," Mourinho said. "A club like us, a manager like me, the people that work in the club with me, we are not silly to try something if somebody didn't start it. So I think it is time for the good of everyone to finish the story. For one side, for the other side."

Er right, Jose, run that past us one more time. Do you want Rooney or not? "Yes, I would like. We are going to close another player if he is not coming. It depends on his reaction and his feelings. If now he doesn't want to leave, we are out of the thing. But we need to know. We need to know what is happening." Mourinho is beginning to sound like a mistress asking her lover to leave his wife or else she is going to find someone more amenable (Samuel Eto'o might be up for a fling with Chelsea).

United manager David Moyes growled that Rooney is still not for sale, but, realising he has to soften his stance towards the player, he made a point of saying how fabulous Wayne was looking these days. "I think anyone looking at him might see a leaner-looking Wayne," Moyes purred. To keep the striker, the manager might have to go the whole hog and tell Rooney he is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen in a United shirt.

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