Mourinho: ‘Capello will not work for England’

Jose Mourinho has launched a stunning attack on Fabio Capello claiming that England will not achieve anything while the Italian is in charge.

The Sun branded Capello a donkey this morning after he decided against promoting Andy Carroll and Jack Wilshere to the senior squad for England's upcoming Euro 2012 qualifiers.

But just when it appeared that his day could get no worse Mourinho decided to put the boot into the current England manager.

‘The problem is the manager,’ Mourinho said in an interview with the Daily Mirror. ‘Capello will not work for England.’

The Italian managed Mourinho’s current club Real Madrid on two separate occasions and the former Chelsea boss claims that Capello’s flaws are still remembered at the Bernabeu.

‘He has a one-track relationship with players,’ Jose said. ‘Ask anyone here at Real Madrid. He can't change. You cannot go around just shouting at players. They need to feel special.’

‘It is clear. Capello will not work for England. He does not know the players. They are frightened of him and they can't play for him.’

The Special One concluded: ‘For me, it is a mess for England. Players need clear tactics. They cannot be confused about what they have to do. It is the manager's fault. And it is a big shame.’

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