Mourinho: Beckham moved to America for money

Jose Mourinho has accused David Beckham of moving to America solely for the money. The England midfielder signed a multimillion pound deal to join the LA Galaxy back in 2007.

While Beckham has attracted record crowds to the MLS, his performances last year failed to live up to expectations. The 33-year-old moved to Serie A side Milan on a short term deal in January where he has rediscovered his form.

However, not everyone is as enamoured with Beckham's career choices. Never one for pulling his punches, Jose made a veiled attack on the former England captain.

"What do I think about football in America?," Mourinho told reporters. "It takes more than an important player to make a competition equally important. They need people who are not thinking of coming here to take money and then leaving, but people who want to work in this country to insert themselves into American football."

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