Motor racers in the news

You couldn’t make it up. F1 drivers are serving up top stories that are just too good to be true. For once they’re being exciting, wild and interesting.

Lewis Hamilton has had his driving licence suspended for a month having been done for speeding on a French motorway.

He was caught doing 122mph – over 40mph over the limit – in Laon, in the north of France. A MacLaren spokesperson said Hamilton had been stopped "for speeding in France while driving in a private capacity".

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher took over from a taxi driver to race himself to the airport in time to catch a flight.

He took the wheel of the minivan-style Opel Vivaro and floored it for 30km along one of Germany’s speed limit-free autobahns to Coburg airport in Bavaria.

Said Tuncer Yilmaz, the shaken but admiring taxi driver: "He drove at full throttle around the corners and overtook in some unbelievable places."

The seven-times world champion rounded off a memorable day by tipping the cabbie 100 euros.

He is still refusing to return to Formula One but may be in the frame for a new role as Lewis Hamilton’s chauffeur.

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