More Fifa corruption

It appears that the Fifa corruption scandal isn't going anywhere for a while yet: the BBC has managed to get its hands on a document that claims Jack Warner gave a senior Caribbean football official a case of envelopes – each one containing cash – to be distributed to members of the Caribbean Football Union at a meeting promoting Mohamed Bin Hamman's bid for the Fifa presidency.

The allegations, which will back up claims that Warner tried to bribe CFU officials £40,000 in an effort to secure their backing, come in a two-page report which was destined for Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke and apparently comes on CFU-headed paper and was dated 15 July 2011. The noose is tightening, isn't it?

'I was directed to coordinate the special meeting of the CFU by Mr Jack Warner, who was at that time, president of the CFU. Mr Warner initially requested the meeting be held by April 18, 2011, but the May date was ultimately agreed.

'The purpose of the special meeting was to provide Mr Bin Hammam with the opportunity to address the delegates from the CFU.

'On May 10, 2011, Mr Warner advised me that he had gifts, which were to be distributed to the delegates. Mr Warner did not tell me what the gifts were, but advised that they were to be distributed from the Hotel (sic) that afternoon. After consulting with my staff, Jason Sylvester and Debbie Minguell, I suggested to Mr Warner that the gifts be distributed between 3PM and 5PM that day.

'During the morning session on May 10, Mr Warner made an announcement to the attendees about picking up the abovementioned (sic) gift. I was told that I should come to his office to collect the gifts that were to be distributed.

'I arrived at Mr Warner's office at approximately 2.30PM on May 10 and collected a locked bag with the key in the front pocket.

'The bag contained 26 envelopes, these envelopes were unmarked and were folded and sealed. I did not see any envelopes opened and left Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester to distribute the envelopes.

'The next day I met Debbie and Jason for breakfast at the hotel and they advised me that the envelopes had contained cash.'

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