More childish nonsense

We knew that whatever happened in last night’s Champions League semi-final clasico, there would be bitter recriminations. The relations between Real Madrid and Barcelona have plummeted to a new low, with pathetic back-biting and snide comments the order of the day.

Madrid put on a better show at the Camp Nou than they did at home last week, drawing 1-1, but José Mourinho’s mob came out of the game feeling hard done by again, after Gonzalo Higuain’s goal was (probably wrongly) disallowed, with the score at 0-0. The goal was ruled out for a foul by Cristiano Ronaldo on Javier Mascherano, but it appeared that Ronaldo himself had been pushed by Pique. Afterwards Ronaldo claimed that the Argentine learned how to cheat at Barca. It's all been very childish, hasn't it?

‘Next year they might as well give the cup directly to Barcelona. The team is sad, but we knew it was an uphill battle,’ Ronaldo said on the Real Madrid website. ‘The name of the match is Mission Impossible IV. Once again it was the referee that didn't allow us to dictate the outcome. We knew we could beat Barca, but the referee didn't let us.

‘Higuain's goal was good. Pique pushed me and I landed on Mascherano. He didn't used to fall to the ground in England, but he's picked up the bad habit of doing it here like everyone else.’

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