Mohammed Bin Hamman wants a 'more open' Fifa

Say what you like about Sepp Blatter and Fifa, but the man and his organisation aren’t exactly considered the honest and open. The votes for the allocation of 2018 and 2022 World Cups left a bitter taste in the mouth of many, especially with Qatar getting the latter. However Mohammed Bin Hammam has said that should he become Fifa president it will be all change.

Hammam, who is currently the president of the Asian Football Confederation, said that Fifa would be a more open organisation should be he be elected, with decision making being more transparent, and that he would like Fifa’s relationship with other associations and clubs to be less combative than it has in the past. He also said that he was in favour of goal-line technology.

‘We need to explain decision making - people are making decisions that affect millions,’ he told BBC Sport. ‘We belong to the people - acting on behalf of them.

‘It's reasonable and logical to vote openly - it happens in other organisations, why shouldn't it happen in Fifa? We need a greater understanding between Fifa and associations. We are friends and not enemies. We need a common understanding - our interests are all the same.’

The decision for who becomes president of Fifa will take place at the two-day Fifa Congress in Zurich, Switzerland, which starts on 31 May.

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