Mohammed Amir questioned by police

The fall-out from the Pakistan cricket spot fixing scandal is set to rumble on, providing copy the likes of us can only dream of. The latest news is that bowlerMohammed Amir is being questioned under caution by police in London over the corruption allegations that surfaced in the News Of The World last weekend.

Meanwhile the International Cricket Council have provisionally suspended Amir, alongside team-mates Salman Butt and Mohammed Asif, for ‘alleged irregular behaviour’. However, despite this the ICC seem to be taking the democratic principle of innocent until proven guilty seriously.

‘They [Butt, Asif and Amir] have a really arguable case to answer in our disciplinary arena but that is not the same as coming, in any sense, to a finding of guilt on their behalf,’ said the ICC’s anti-corruption head Sir Ronnie Flanagan. ‘Priority must be given to the criminal investigation.’

‘I do not see this as the tip of an iceberg but I think it is something from which we must learn.’ We shall wait and see what comes out of their chats with the police then, shall we?

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