Mo Farah takes gold at the World Championships

The final day of the World Championships was something of an eventful one for Great Britain & Northern Ireland: the 4x100m relay team was wiped out of the final by a United States mistake, and Phillips Idowu lost his world triple jump title to a 21-year-old phenomenon just out of college However, there was some great news for British athletics, with the Olympics less than a year away: Mo Farah became the first Brit ever to win the 5,000m world title.

Farah's display was something of a revelation, even for those who know well what he is capable of. He had to contend with a team of three Ethiopians and another of three Kenyans, as well as American legend Bernard Lagat. The gold medal adds to the silver that he had already won in the 10,000m, making it a pretty successful championships for him.

'This is something you train for every day, two times a day, three times a day, it is what you want to do as an athlete – win,' said Farah. 'It's an amazing feeling.

'A lot of people are talking about London (2012). It's great that the Olympics are on our doorstep, but at the same time we're guaranteed nothing, as you saw in the 10km.'

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