Mo Farah challenges Usain Bolt to a race

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Two of the most popular athletes on the planet could soon line up in a head-to-head race. Mo Farah has thrown down a a challenge to his friend Usain Bolt to race over an agreed distance for charity.

Given that Bolt's preferred distance is 100 metres and Farah is at his best over 10,000 metres, finding a compromise could be a tough call. An 800 metres race might seem the fairest option, but Bolt might demur at having to run two whole laps of a track.

Farah wants to make the most of Bolt's phenomenal popularity. "He's got his charity foundation, I've got the Mo Farah Foundation," Farah said. "It would be great to do a distance where people, proper athletics fans, vote in on what distance they think is most suitable."

Farah laid down the challenge after both athletes had won their races at the London Anniversary Games. "Are you up for that?" Farah asked Bolt. "Come on, you've got to do it. Let's get it on." Bolt did not rule it out. "It sounds like fun," the Jamaican said. "It would be tough, but for charity. 600 would be better for me."

The 800 metre world record holder David Ridisha previously challenged Bolt to a race over 400 metres, but the Jamaican declined. Bolt is close to Farah though and has already helped out the British runner's charitable foundation. Bolt personally auctioned off the shoes he wore in the London Olympic 100 metres final, raising £39,000 for Farah's charity. A race between the two would raise substantially more from gate receipts alone.

It won't happen until after the world championships in Moscow. Both runners head to Russia in great shape, with Bolt ready to run another landmark time for the sprint and Farah having added some speed to his distance running strength.

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