Mo Farah and Prince Harry confirm London Marathon attendance

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London Marathon organisers have insisted that the race will go ahead, despite the escalating security concerns in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. Although securing the course will be something of a logistical nightmare for organisers and the police, there is a defiant atmosphere after the American terrorist atrocity.

Olympic champion Mo Farah has not changed his plan to run a half-marathon over the course and Prince Harry confirmed that he will still be presenting the medals to the winners after the race on Sunday 21.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said that the events in Boston meant there would be additional searches and a stronger police presence at the race. "We will make sure we have got more officers on the streets," he said, "but there's no reason for people to think they are any less safe than they were before the terrible events in Boston yesterday." That is the case unless American investigators uncover a global terrorist group behind the Boston bombings.

There are plans to hold a 30-second silence before the start in honour of the Boston victims. Runners are also encouraged to wear a black armband as a symbol of solidarity. Race director Hugh Brasher said: "We are determined to deliver an amazing event that will focus on one of the core pillars of the London Marathon, which is 'to have fun and provide some happiness and a sense of achievement in a troubled world'."

In the meantime, conspiracy theorists have seized on the Boston explosions. Within minutes of the bombings there were suggestions on Twitter that this was a "false flag" attack instigated by government agencies to raise public fears and clamp down on civil liberties. Evidence, as ever, was not forthcoming.

In addition, various scattergun conspiracies focused on an image of a figure on a Boston roof, the fact that Boston emergency services were carrying brand new equipment designed to deal with mass injuries, and even a coincidental plot-line in a recent Family Guy episode. Until the authorities can identify those responsible with some degree of credibility, the outlandish theories are likely to multiply.

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