MLS crowds growing thanks to Beckham

Erstwhile England skipper, David Beckham, is being credited with a change in attitude towards football in the US a year on from making his MLS debut for LA Galaxy. The Daily Telegraph reports that since Goldenballs moved statedside the Galaxy have recorded an average gate of 25,513 at home games.

That figure is even more impressive when it's considered that Italian Serie A giant Juventus averaged just 22059 fans at home last season. But it's LA Galaxy's away fixtures where Beckham's presence has produced the most remarkable results. Over 46,000 people paid in to see the New York Red Bulls host the Galaxy last Saturday. Average home attendance for the East coast club is 10,000.

Beckham is also a popular figure off the field, becoming something of a media darling after appearances in a number of high profile advertising campaigns. It remains to be seen, however, if Becks can finally convince Americans to start saying football rather than soccer.

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