Military strategist Capello feels the cold

Reaction to Fabio Capello’s arrival as England manager has been interesting, if predictable.

The man himself announced: "I am very proud and honour-red to be the England manager." Then he went back to speaking Italian.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger – alleged to have turned the job down before – reiterated his point that the England manager should be English. “It is like you go to war and say 'Now we choose a general from Portugal or a general from Italy’.”

There was another military analogy, from England fans' spokesman Mark Perryman: "It's like going from Captain Mainwaring to Field Marshall Montgomery in one fell swoop."

His son, meanwhile, pointed out that his “only complaint was the weather. It was too cold.” Which is a slight worry.

Us? We’ll judge the new boy on results. Get us a decent run in the next World Cup and we’ll all learn Italian.

(Image: from Olaf Nordwich’s flickr stream)

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