Milan will not increase their £3m offer for Beckham

The David Beckham footballing soap opera has taken yet another twist after AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani made it clear that the Serie A club will not increase their offer of $3m for the England midfielder.

LA Galaxy president, Tim Leiweke, said during the week that Beckham will not be allowed to leave the MLS club for a cut-down price. But Galliani underlined that Milan would not raise their offer for a player who can leave for free in November.

"As Tim Leiweke confirmed, on November 30, David can become a free agent at zero cost," Galliani said. "I don't intend to make a controversy, in fact, I thank Galaxy for allowing us to have Beckham on loan in these past few months."

From Galliani's statement it seems that Beckham may return to the MLS at least until November. Whether Milan will still be interested in the then 34-year-old midfielder.

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